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Top CEO says her success is down to dying her blonde hair brown. Really?

A top CEO says her success is down to dying her blonde hair brown. Does hair colour matter? What does this say about society? If you missed my interview on BBC Good Morning Ulster regarding sexism in the workplace, then listen to the interview now. Here are my 5 key points from the interview:-

  1. We only need to look at recent headlines with Uber, Google or the story about Nicola Thorpe being sent home from a temp job for refusing to wear high shoes, to know that prejudice, stereotyping and sexism does exist in the workplace. Whilst we have legislation to protect against discrimination, true diversity is in hearts and minds.

  2. Diversity awareness and education is vital.

  3. Dress code should be relevant and lawful.

  4. Self confidence is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.

  5. Tolerance, patience and respect will always be in fashion and high demand. Add in a large dose of passion for the job and success will follow.

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