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Women Working 9-5 without feeling Guilty

Working 9-5 and every other hour as well but still feeling guilty about home - is that a woman's lot these days?

Life has changed an awful lot in the past couple of generations - then, it was often said that a mother's place was in the home. Today mothers are expected to be fabulous in the house, have a wonderful career, look great, stay fit and still be there to be nurse, care, cook and all the rest. So how difficult is it not to get weighed down by it all?

Tune in if you missed the fab BBC Radio Ulster, Vinny Hurrell Radio Show with Naomh McElhatton and myself . We are talking 9-5 and can women really have it all without feeling guilty.

What’s your thoughts?

Have you found the magic formula?

If you have then definitely let me know!

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